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Star Wars model-maker inspires Bolder students.

Bolder Academy Students treated to an exclusive viewing and a talk from a master craftsman.

Sky and The National Film and Television School teamed up to arrange for John Lee to come to Sky and talk to the young Bolder Academy students this half-term.

You might be thinking;  Who is John Lee?  Well, think Aliens, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Fantastic Mr Fox. John has worked on all these movies and many more as a model-maker and prop-maker.  He took time out from his busy schedule teaching Post-Graduate students at The National Film and Television School to visit Sky and tell his story to the Year 7 Students.

Almost 100 students and their families made the trip to Sky to listen to him and were then treated to latest instalment of the Star Wars saga – The Last Jedi in the cinema.

John said afterwards “If one person in the audience thought about model-making as a profession and went home to find out more then it’s been a success.”

Don’t worry John I think you inspired a whole year group!


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