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Working with Sky and Extra-Curricular Activities

Working with Sky

Bolder Academy is delighted to have developed a strong partnership with Sky, our new neighbours. We have built a programme of events and projects for all our year groups, which involve a wide range of activities for our students to benefit from.

Our year 7 students will learn how to code with the Sky Technology Team and how to edit videos with the Sky Production Services team. They will also learn about food and its nutrition with the Property Services Group team. They will also visit the Sky Academy Studios and have the opportunity to make their own news report.

Our year 8s will have a course with Sky Design, as well as having fitness sessions with the Sky Fitness team. They will also have a trip to Kidovation run by Accenture. They will also have 1-to-1 literacy and numeracy support with individual volunteers from Sky.

Our year 9s will benefit from a Careers day on the Sky campus to give them a taster of a whole range of possible future careers. They will also learn about First Aid and safer use of the Internet. The Sky technology team will also run an advanced computer programming course for some of our students.

All year groups will have the opportunity of going to cinema screenings, having inspirational assemblies from famous and successful people known as the Sky Scholars. Sky are also launching their SKY ZERO mission at Bolder to teach our students about sustainability, and how our students can create their own zero-carbon space at our fantastic new building.

Personal Development and SMSC

Our whole-school Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development strategy equips our students with the skills to be responsible, respectful and active citizens. This is evident in our PSHCE programme, our Culture and Society Curriculum, our Thought for the Week themes, and our assemblies, form time and family dining structures, as well as our “Being Bold enrichment sessions” and “Being Bold weeks”.

Being Bold Enrichment

During our extended school day, students can choose from a wide range of sports, such as rugby, netball, football, basketball and dance with external professional coaches coming in to take many of the sessions. They can also participate in a diverse range of languages, such as Arabic, Korean and German.

Students also have a variety of opportunities to engage with the local community during these Being Bold sessions, such as volunteering at a local primary school and working with young children at our local nursery.

We also have a wide variety of STEM-based activities such as coding and robotics clubs, with students building and programming machines with the equipment funded by the Institute of Physics, and Tomorrow’s Engineers.

We have also diversified our creative arts sessions, by offering piano lessons, band practice, sculpture, and a culture and critics club.

We also offer a variety of programmes that are designed around the character development of our students. We are working with Transport for London through our youth travel ambassadors programme, Sports Inspired are working with a group of our year 7s to develop them as sports leaders, we are training up many students as global youth ambassadors with the aim of hosting Chinese exchange students at Bolder, and we run the program “Be her lead” to instill resilience and confidence in our female students. Additionally, we have volunteers joining us again from Sky, to work 1-to-1 with students in literacy and numeracy to build up their confidence.

Being Bold Weeks

Students also participate in 3 Being Bold weeks per year, where they get the opportunity to go on a variety of trips and participate in a variety of events. Students will visit a local church and temple, as well as a local Mosque and Synagogue. We will also be visiting several universities throughout the year.

There are also many other trips happening. For example, our student council will be attending the houses of parliament, a group of students will be attending the Hounslow Climate Change Conference, and a selection of students will also be visiting Oxford University.

Residential Trips

Each year students also have the possibility ongoing on a residential trip. Last year we went to Tile Barn in the New Forest. This year we planned to go to Jamie’s Farm. Let’s wait to see what next year will bring!

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