We believe that the curriculum offered to students must encompass a blend of academic, personal development and enrichment opportunities that blended together, equip students with the qualifications, skills attitudes and confidence to take an active role both in their community and in wider society.

Students who leave the school at the age of 18 or 19 will be active citizens ready to face the challenges of a 21st century society which is characterised by change. Having followed an exciting and rigorous curriculum they will be innovative, creative leaders with the knowledge and skills to make a difference.

Starting with year 7 only in September 2018 we have an opportunity to build a curriculum and school ethos from the bottom up. It is our objective that every child will achieve a minimum of 5 A*-C grades with an emphasis on English and Mathematics as priority subjects.

Students will work towards a range of qualifications including traditional academic and where appropriate high quality vocational qualifications, supported by work related learning offered through partnership with local businesses and organisations. All students will take part in regular additional enrichment activities to complement their learning.

The curriculum will include GCSEs in English and English Literature, Mathematics and the Sciences as well as a range of subjects supported by the expertise available across the fourteen secondary schools. The ICT curriculum will include the opportunity to learn the computing skills required in order to develop new technologies as well as expertise in information literacy and the use of state-of- the-art technologies.

The development of high-level literacy, numeracy, creative and problem solving skills will be a priority throughout every student’s time at the school. The attainment and achievement of every student will be the best that it can be as a result of our planning the curriculum around students individual learning needs.

We plan to be an International Thinking School highlighting the importance we attach to enabling our students and staff to understand and engage in effective thinking and learning.

In short, the curriculum will learn from the past but will equip all students to confidently take their place confidently in the future.