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Founding students meet each other for first time

An action-packed day

We were delighted to bring together all 150 students who are starting this September for an action-packed induction day at Sky.

All the students, parents and carers, and teachers met each other for the first time in a memorable first day. After a presentation in Sky Cinema and a chance to get a peek at the new school uniform, the students split into groups and rotated round different team-building activities. They got the chance to be trained but our ‘Wild Training” friends on the lawn, they made a news report in the Sky Academy Studios and also got a chance to see the Sky Studios to spend more time with their new teachers.

There was lots of laughing and fun and it was so exciting to bring together the whole Bolder family for the first time. We can’t wait to see them again for the first day at school on 10th September.

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