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Working with Sky

Working with our neighbours.

Bolder Academy is delighted to have teamed up with Sky, our new neighbours. Together we have been developing some exciting activities that will help prepare all our students for the world of work. 

There will be a wide-range of events and projects that will form an integral part of our extended day. Film making projects, sports taster days, cinema screenings, learning to code and linking up with Sky Academy are just a few of the exciting ways every student will benefit from this partnership.

As Bolder Academy will be literally right on our doorstep, we can see exciting opportunities to be a good neighbour. We have a huge array of skills and expertise here on-site and we are looking forward to support the school in many ways, including Sky colleagues volunteering to help out with in-school and after-school activities in areas such as sport, media and technology.

Andrew Griffith, Group Chief Operating Officer, Sky

Here is what is happening this year!

  1. We’re hosting a one day sports day for the school that will introduce the whole year to new sports and Sky departments are taking part.
  2. Individual volunteers are signing up to help children with 1:1 numeracy and literacy support.
  3. Our Property Services Group team are helping to organize an immersive day in the restaurant to learn about food and it’s nutrition.
  4. Our Technology team are creating a 4 day course for the year 7s to learn about code.
  5. Our brilliant Sky Academy Studios team have set aside a week to open their doors to the whole year group.
  6. We’re calling on our contacts in business to give inspirational talks to the school.
  7. Our Sky Production Services team are offering a one day Masterclass on film making and editing.

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