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Our Vision and Values

Built by our community for our community.

Bolder Academy was originally set up by local primary and secondary headteachers who came together after recognising the need for more school places in the borough.

We want our students to have more than just an education. We want every student to learn valuable skills and become part of our Bolder vision.

We want our students to discover their passions, lead ambitious and happy lives with confidence and energy.  We want to offer support and guidance as they find their purpose.

We hold and promote three values strongly at Bolder Academy. These values run through everything we do: Be Kind. Be Strong. Be Brave.

We are kind. 

We are kind to ourselves and we are kind to others. When we show this encouraging, supportive and respectful attitude we all achieve more.

We are strong.

We are ambitious and determined to fulfil our potential and be as brilliant as we can be. We take care of ourselves, ensuring we are fit and healthy and have a strong belief in what is right and what is not.

We are brave. 

We are committed to making the most of all the opportunities put in front of us and we are not afraid to try new things. We go above and beyond what we’re used to in order to create a happy future.


Our wish is that our students leave us as kind, strong and brave young adults who lead Bolder lives, believing that anything is possible.


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