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Assessment at Bolder

At Bolder Academy, the curriculum is divided into 4 cycles – Cycle A, B, C and D. Each of these cycles contains different styles of assessment and at the end of the cycle there is always a larger, written assessment known as the AFE (Aspire for Excellence) Assessment.

English, Maths and Creative Arts are the only subjects which differ from this model. They follow 3 terms rather than the 4 cycle model. The assessment format is however the same for all subjects.

At Bolder Academy, there are 4 main ways that students are assessed throughout the year. These are:

  • Baseline Assessments
  • SATs (Short Answer Tests)
  • Health Checks
  • Aspire for Excellence Assessments

At the beginning of the year students complete a baseline assessment. It is a typical exam format and contains a mixture of long a short answer questions. This allows teachers to see what skills and knowledge students have retained from previous years/primary schools.

Within each cycle of learning students complete a SAT and a Health Check. The SAT is a short answer test which is usually 15 marks. This allows teachers to assess knowledge and identify any gaps. The Health Check is an extended writing or skills based questions which students will also complete in lessons. These vary across different subjects depending on the skills assessed in that cycle of learning. The Health Check allows teachers to assess the knowledge and skills that students are developing in class.

The Aspire for Excellence Assessment is taken by students at the end of every cycle of learning. This is a typical exam where students will get a written paper assessing the skills and knowledge that they have covered throughout the most recent cycle of their learning. This allows students the practice exam style questions and allows teachers to see the areas in which students need support.

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