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Languages at Bolder

At Bolder Academy our MFL curriculum is designed to develop our students into kind, strong, brave young adults where a Bolder future awaits.

The aims of the Languages Curriculum

The aims of the Languages curriculum are to:

  1. Create global citizens who have a curiosity and understanding of the world.
  2. Enable students to express their ideas and thoughts in another language.
  3. Support students to understand and respond to speakers in speech and in writing.
  4. Provide students with the foundations of learning further languages, equipping them to study and work in other countries.

 How we deliver Languages

Bolder Academy follows the national curriculum.

Students are taught:

  1. Spanish and French. They also have the opportunity to study Arabic and Korean.
  2. Linguistic competencies through speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  3. How to communicate with increasing confidence, fluency and spontaneity.
  4. Grammar and vocabulary – tenses, structures, accurate spelling and punctuation.

It is recognised that students will arrive at Bolder having studied a variety of languages at different levels. Teaching is adapted following baseline assessments at the start of year 7.

Our Intended Impact in Languages

We will know if we have been successful when our students live and breathe our three core values within the Academy and beyond. When they demonstrate:

Kindness: By showing respect for different cultures and diversity through an appreciation for the languages studied.

Strength: By developing subject specific knowledge in order to communicate fluently in different languages, opening doors to different ways of thinking.

Bravery: By developing transferrable skills such as resilience, tolerance and eloquence which will equip students to work in other countries.

Equally we want to prepare students effectively for the current and next stage in their learning, whether this be GCSE or A Level examination, University study or the world of work.

French Key Stage Three Overview 

Spanish Key Stage Three Overview


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