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The Governing Board at Bolder Academy.

The role of the Governing Board at Bolder Academy is determined by the Department for Education to:

  • Ensure clarity of the vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the Academy and its students, and the performance management of staff.
  • Oversee the financial performance of the Academy, making sure its money is well spent.

In practice this means that, together with the headteacher, governors are responsible for making sure Bolder Academy provides a high-quality education for students. They also ensure the requirements of the Academy’s Funding Agreement with the Department for Education are met.

Furthermore, Governors responsibilities include:

  • Appointing the headteacher.
  • Taking decisions on matters such as performance, targets, Academy policies and development plans.
  • Monitoring the impact of policies and overseeing the Academy budget and staffing.
  • Drawing on their knowledge and experience to provide support and challenge for the headteacher.
  • Hearing appeals from students and staff and considering complaints.
  • Asking searching questions whilst respecting the position of the headteacher as the professional leader of our Academy.
  • Celebrating the Academy’s successes and ensuring it continuously improves

The Governing Board Structure.

The Governing Board meets six times a year, with a meeting held each half-term.

Click here to see the overall structure of Bolder Academy Trust.

When complete, the Governing Board will consist of nine governors (directors/trustees):

  • Five appointed by the Members.
  • The Headteacher.
  • Two elected parents.
  • One elected staff governor.

Governors are appointed for a term of four years, and are then subject to re-appointment or re-election, depending on the governor role type. Appointments are made in line with the Articles of Association.

There are currently six governors (5 appointed by Members plus the headteacher) and a Clerk to the Board:

  • Andrew Dodge (Chair).
  • Rob Collie (Vice-Chair).
  • Victoria Eadie.
  • Eileen Sheedy.
  • Birinder Tember.
  • Heidi Swidenbank (Headteacher).
  • Rebecca Wilson (Clerk to the Governing Board and Company Secretary).

An additional staff member and two parent/carer governors will be recruited in the first term when the Academy opens.

You can find more information on the governors and members here.

Business and pecuniary interests (Sep 2018)

The Trust and its Members.

Bolder Academy is also known as a Trust and Bolder Academy Trust is the name registered at Companies House. The Trust has three Members.

The role of a Member is separate from the role of a Governor. The Members do not meet as frequently and do not play a role in the strategic direction or the day-to-day management of Bolder Academy. They have responsibility for a small number of significant decisions that are detailed in the Articles of Association . Their main role is to appoint some of the governors/directors and ensure the accountability of the Governing Board.

The three Members are:

  • Victoria Eadie (CEO Tudor Park Education).
  • Caroline McKay (Headteacher Ivybridge Primary School).
  • Euan Ferguson (Headteacher Isleworth & Syon School).

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